#006 Making Of: Saucey Street Files

September 05 2017 – Julez Jadon

#006 Making Of: Saucey Street Files
#006 Making Of: Saucey Street Files

Making of Saucey Street Files

Saucey Street Files:

We felt like we had to get back to our roots and create a field recording based Drum Kit: Saucey Street Files. For this kit we went on a huge recording run through the city of Frankfurt. We captured sounds from various sources like skateboarding, graffiti, basketball and the subway. Saucey Street Files features hard knocking drums and aspiring sound design as well as fresh melodic one shots, ambiences, fx and vocal chops.


Making Of Saucey Street Files

Production process:

The idea for Saucey Street Files was to capture sounds which can be associated with the Hip Hop culture. The locations for the recordings were a skatepark, graffiti wall, basketball court, the subway, etc. All sounds were recorded with the Zoom h4n mobile recorder and additional microphones. The second part of the production process was the actual sound design. The samples are edited and processed accurately. We hope you’ll have as much fun using it as we had creating it!


Making Of Saucey Street Files


The shooting was an amazing experience for us. Big shout out to FEDA Film and of course to all of our friends for making this happen. We filmed at several locations through out the city of Frankfurt, which were the same spots where we did most of the field recordings. The visual aspect is always very important to us so we hope you enjoy the film!


Making Of Saucey Street Files

Beat Contest:

We are really thankful for our growing community and the feedback we receive on our products. That's why we try to give back as much as possible. This time we're hosting a huge Beat contest with dope prices. Everyone who purchased the Saucey Street Files Drum Kit can join the Beat Contest with the chance to win a handmade 808 Deck, a Saucey Cap, our All Kits Bundle or gift cards.


Saucey Street Files Beat Contest


Saucey Street Files is dropping Friday, September 8th!



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