#013 Tracking for Tracks: Hawaiian Sample Pack

Posted on January 18 2020

Making Of Hawaiian Sample Pack

In September 2019 my brother Adrian, SVRN and me decided quiet spontaneously to make a trip to Hawaii. We planned to travel to LA anyways so it made sense to combine these two trips.

Our flight brought us from Frankfurt, Germany over San Francisco to Oahu, Hawaii. After 16 hours flight we landed in Honolulu. We got a rental car and drove to our first destination: an Airbnb apartment in Kailua. On our Way we captured our first impressions of the island. It was pitch-dark and almost no cars driving once we left Honululu. Unfortunately we had to find out that the highway was closed and we had to take some sketchy jungle roads to find our way to our apartment. Pretty exhausted we arrived at the Airbnb and went directly to bed.

 Making Of Hawaiian Sample Pack

The next morning we checked out our neighborhood. Our location was pretty close to Kailua Beach park so we decided to go there. We jumped into the turquoise blue water and walked along the shore to Lanikai Beach. Later that day we went back to Waikiki Beach to link up with some very kind locals to chill out and let the day fade out.

Making Of Hawaiian Sample Pack 

After an extensive breakfast at Whole Foods we went kayaking which turnt out to be one of the most impressive experiences on this trip. We started at Kailua Beach and paddled along the coast to the Mokulua Islands. These tiny Islands are uninhabited and part of the Hawaii State Seabird Sanctuary. We landed at a nice little beach on Moku Nui and hiked to the north side of the Island. A little trail led us to an dramatic cliff-backed cove. The ruff Sea has formed tide pools into the ruff cliffs which were perfect for a little (dangerous!) bath. While enjoying this beautyfull environment we made some incredible field recordings as well as a lot of good pictures.

Making Of Hawaiian Sample Pack 

Things got a bit scary as we realized we were the only people left on this island and it turnt already a bit dark. We headed back to the main Island as fast as we could and as we reached the beach a big wave hit us which led to the capsizing of the boat. Back on the main Island we realized that we have lost two iPhones and a pair of sunglasses but we still were happy being back to civilization.

Making Of Hawaiian Sample Pack 

On day Three we went to the Apple Store in Honolulu to look for new phones. We had some Pizza, bought a couple of souvenirs and headed back. At the apartment we had to pack already because our first Airbnb was only booked for three nights. Inspired by the nice little beach houses along Lanikai Beach we looked online and found a nice new place directly at Waimanalo Beach.

The House was located only a 2 min. walk from the ocean. We went bodyboarding and enjoyed the almost empty beach. Later on we settled in our new place and started to get creative! We ended the day with some incredible fried chicken and shrimps at Ono’s Shrimp & Steak Shack which we highly recommended! Late at night we decided to go swimming again and were blown away by the numbers of stars and their formations that we were able to see.

Making Of Hawaiian Sample Pack 

Later that night after some hours of sleep we went on the Pillbox Hike (also known as the Kaiwa Ridge Trail) to see the sunrise. The hike was leading to two old military bunkers on top of a little mountain from were we had an amazing view over Lanikai Beach and the Mokulua Islands. We filmed the sunrise and enjoyed this powerful start in the day.

After we had to get to the airport to change our rental car and then decided to take the rest of the day to just vibe out at the apartment and work on music and the video material that we captured. We only went out again to grab some groceries at Whole Foods at stop at a little diner close by to grab some amazing hot dogs.

Making Of Hawaiian Sample Pack 

On Day 6 after we filmed our second sunrise at Waimanalo Beach we went to the famous Manoa Falls. While we were hiking up the trail we recorded some beautiful jungle atmospheres and bunch of other sounds like Bamboo and stones.

As we arrived the 150 foot long waterfall, which is fully surrounded by a tropical rainforest, we got rewarded with an magnificent view. We continued hiking around the area as we almost got lost in the mountains of Koolau. At least we catched some incredible shots of the steady changing nature on this trail.

After that we visited the Dole Plantation in Wahiawa and continued driving towards the north shore. We stopped at the Sharks Cove located between Waimea Beach and Banzai Pipeline and took a sick bath. This place is one of the Top 12 Shore Dives in the World and therefore the perfect place for snorkeling. On our way back we stopped for some garlic shrimps at a food truck before we headed back to our apartment. We ended the evening with some Gin Tonics and football.

Making Of Hawaiian Sample Pack 

We decided to take the last day off and just chill at our little beach house. We had captured tons of audio and video material and we were pretty exhausted, too. We went to the beach a last time for bodyboarding before I headed to a tattoo appointment to get an Hawaiian inspired tattoo (S/O Loyalty Tattoo in Kailua). The rest of the day we enjoyed the vibes in this paradise, knowing we will come back for sure to check out the other Islands as well. We only scratched the surface and once you start traveling you can’t stop!

The next day we left our Airbnb and headed to the airport to catch our flight to Los Angeles. We were all blown away from these last days and experiences but also excited what was waiting for us in LA.

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Photo edits: Philipp Levinger

Additional writing: SVRN


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