ProducersOnTheRun Vol. I: The Yosemite Drum Kit

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Fresh off my road trip through Yosemite National Park, I’m back with the first installment of my latest sound kit series entitled “Producers On The Run”. Recorded in the vast wideness of California’s most overwhelming national park “Vol. I: Yosemite Drum Kit” is truly one of a kind! This drum kit is steeled with innovative drum samples ready to get your creative juices flowing. Having it’s emphasis on big hitting snares, pounding hits & percussion this kit is arguably one of the most unique drum kits for massive Trap, Hip Hop and R&B productions. If you’re looking for energetic & hard hitting drum sounds this kit is for you! This drum kit features some of the most intense snares & hits you’ve ever heard! Get the sound of the wilderness!


Yosemite Drum Kit Overview:

  • Crisp 808 samples layered with processed & modulated field recordings
  • Pounding Kicks & Snares layered with wild chants, brutal metal hits & big sounding wood layers
  • Animal sounds (e.g. crow & eagle) modulated into fascinating FX samples
  • Big “Percs & Hits” section featuring samples created with metal pipes, wood & stone hits, water ambiences, rain drops & massive chains
  • 163 one shots & 34 loops divided into 10 folders (808, BD, FX, HH & Cym, Loops, Percs & Hits, SD, SD Layer, Various Hits & Chords, Vox)

24 Bit / 44.1 kHz WAV format (compatible with all DAW's e.g. Pro Tools, Ableton, Cubase, Reason, MASCHINE, Logic, FL Studio...)

205,6 MB uncompressed, 197 samples in total


Production process:

While travelling Yosemite National Park I have recorded in one of the worlds’ most breathtaking landscapes, surrounded by stunningly beautiful rock formations, vast forests, crystal clear rivers and lakes. No wonder that the majority of sound sources have been wood, stone and water. Furthermore I recorded huge metal hits, pipes and smaller left-behind tools at Bodie, CA an abandoned ghost town from the gold rush era of the 1850’s century. My focus here was on creating snares, hits & percussion taking accurately created field recordings, manipulating them into big hitting, inspiring one shot masterpieces for modern music production. To add the final touch and to support the kits' unique character I recorded a bunch of bird calls to modulate fascinating FX samples. All samples have been recorded with the Zoom h4n mobile recorder using its build-in microphones. To find out more about the production process of the "Yosemite Drum Kit” read more on my blog: Tracking for Tracks: Yosemite Drum Kit

Sounds included:

  • 15 808’s
  • 18 Kicks
  • 23 Snares
  • 13 Snare Layers
  • 46 Percussion & Hits
  • 15 Hi-Hats & Cymbals
  • 9 FX
  • 12 Vox
  • 34 Loops
  • 12 Various Hits & Chords

Yosemite Drum Kit Testimonial

Yosemite Drum Kit Testimonial

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