ProducersOnTheRun: Vol. V The Cuban Drum Kit

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We’re back with another banger! The 5th instalment of the popular “Producers On The Run” drum kit series: “Vol. V: The Cuban Drum Kit”. Travelling through the country the goal was to capture at least a little piece of Cuba’s fabulous charm. Recorded in the vivid streets of Havana, “Vol. V: The Cuban Drum Kit” is inspired by Cuba’s rich culture and its fascination for live music and dancing. This drum kit is packed with aspiring percussion sounds & pounding drums! Another MUST-HAVE!


The Cuban Drum Kit Overview:

  • Aspiring field recordings from Cuba
  • Contemporary drum sounds fused with latin percussion sounds
  • Crisp live recordings modulated into energetic loops & one shots
  • Big “Percussion Loops” and “Percs & Hits” sections
  • 180 samples divided into 10 folders (Bass, BD, Rims & Claps, Drum Loops, HH & Shaker, HH & Shaker Loops, Perc Loops, Percs & Hits, SD, Vox)

24 Bit / 44.1 kHz WAV format (compatible with all DAW's e.g. Pro Tools, Ableton, Cubase, Reason, MASCHINE, Logic, FL Studio...)

282,5 MB uncompressed, 180 samples in total


Production process:

Arriving in Cuba the journey started in Havana. Exploring the streets of the capital city we quickly realised that there is music everywhere - which is still performed by real musicians. No wonder that the majority of recordings have been traditional latin rhythms and various percussion instruments. Through the course of the journey we tried to capture as many new sounds as possible to modulate new aspiring samples. “Vol. V: The Cuban Drum Kit” features recordings of traditional quartets as well as solo percussionists. All samples have been recorded with the Zoom h4n mobile recorder. To find out more about the production process of “The Cuban Drum Kit” read more on my blog. Tracking For Tracks: Cuban Drum Kit


Sounds included:

  • 8 Kicks
  • 20 Snares
  • 9 Rims & Claps
  • 30 Percussion & Hits
  • 36 Hi-Hats & Shaker
  • 12 Hi-Hats & Shaker Loops
  • 8 Vox
  • 42 Perc Loops
  • 10 Drum Loops
  • 5 Bass samples

Cuban Drum Kit Testimonial

Cuban Drum Kit Testimonial


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