ON THE RUN: 60 Days In South Africa

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We proudly present you the all new ON THE RUN: 60 Days In South Africa. Inspired by modern african pop music we put together a rousing flagship Sample Pack loaded with sparkling melodies, pulsing drums and percussions and aspiring Vox/FX! The Pack features full melodic loops and ideas as well as solo instruments and variations to create your own individual track!

Make sure to check out this unique project and follow our footprints through the outback of South Africa! Thankful for the insights that we were allowed to have into the rich nature and culture of South Africa we release this project into the world hoping that we can share our inspiration with you guys this way! Enjoy!

ON THE RUN: 60 Days In South Africa Overview:

  • Sparkling melodies, pulsing drums and percussion
  • Aspiring Vox/FX
  • Perfect for modern, african inspired R&B/Pop
  • Inspired by South Africa’s rich nature and culture

24 Bit / 44.1 kHz WAV format (compatible with all DAW's e.g. Pro Tools, Ableton, Cubase, Reason, MASCHINE, Logic, FL Studio...)

1,03 GB uncompressed, 303 samples in total


Production Process:

In December 2020 we packed our stuff and travelled to South Africa on an adventurous and thrilling road trip! We recorded lots of animal sounds and nature ambiences and literally breathed in the inspiration. Inspired by the people around us and of course the rhythms of traditional african music, we created soulful samples that reflect our impressions and create an instant vibe. Paired with field recordings and drums / percussions, gripping loops arise that motivate you to produce and let you implement an idea very quickly. To finalize this unique project we recorded our own vocal samples and implemented them in the samples to give it a fully authentic vibe!

ON THE RUN: 60 Days In South Africa is a versatile compilation of field recordings, processed drums and percussions, inspiring melody loops and unique vocal FX. Each sample was processed to perfection with the highest quality standards and the highest level of accuracy in order to make the end product as authentic and user-friendly as possible.

If you want to read more about our journey through South Africa go to our Blog: Click here





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