#005 Insight: 808 Clothing Line

Posted on August 20 2017

808 Clothing

No doubt the Roland 808 drum machine for us as for many other music producers features the most essential drum sounds for modern music production. Thats why we created the project Hot Sauce: The 808 Pack in 2016 which features 30 of our finest 808 bass sounds.

The artwork came out amazing and we were getting so much response regarding the 808 logo that we decided to built a clothing line around the artwork.

Hot Sauce: The 808 Pack artwork (https://julezjadon.com/collections/all/products/hot-sauce-the-808-pack-wav-kontakt-format)

808 Clothing

The first collection features 808 Caps, 808 Hoodies and 808 Shirts. The logo obviously is inspired by the 💯 emoji and describes perfectly our movement. We always put in 💯 percent and use 808 bass- and drum samples in almost every single production. The clothing gives us and our supporters the opportunity to show this mind state to the world!

808 Clothing

The photoshoot took place at the Feldberg/Taunus northwest of Frankfurt on a nice summer evening with lots of gin and good people. Everyone performed at their best and the pictures turned out great! 

I want to give a big shoutout to the crew, but especially to the models and the photographer Philipp Levinger for making this happen. If you are curious to see more pictures check out the shop and check out the Behind the scenes video.

808 Clothing

The first collection is just the start! We got lots of new items and collaborations coming! Make sure to follow our Instagram for the latest updates and visit our online store julezjadon.com for the latest drops.



Link to the 808 collection: https://julezjadon.com/collections/clothing


Photos: Philipp Levinger


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